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Stay in the heart of the Netherlands 

Last Minutes


Enjoy the nature 


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Van alles te doen

Midget golf op Landgoed Ruwinkel

Van alles te doen


Have a wonderful stay!

Have a wonderful stay!

Lekker op het terras van het Erf van Ruwinkel

Genieten in de tuin

Er op uit in de natuur

Op de fiets in de omgeving

Enjoy your favorite dinner at our restaurant yard 




We try to do our best to use as less paper as possible. A big part of our communcation happens by computer. We have asked our suppliers for digital invoices. Please mail us if you have any questions


You will find our recycle street at the central parking place. You can seperate paper, glass, plastic and rest garbage here.


Your bungalow has been cleaned by Novon and they only use cleaning products with European Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan label. All products have the Sustainable Cleaning certificate.


We are located in an agricultural area. The less something has to be transported the better it is for the environment. But honest to say: the best products come from our own area. Our bread is from local bakery Jan van Engelenhoven, you can get fresh eggs from the neighbourhood and if you are interested you can order a biological goody bag containing fruit and vegetables who are most homegrown. 

Come have a look at our reception in case you might have forgotten some essentionals

Inrichting bungalows

Voor de inrichting van de bungalows kijken we naar de lange termijn: oftewel spullen moeten lang meegaan. Indien er verlichting vervangen wordt gebruiken wij allereerst LED verlichting of een goede spaarlamp.

How can you help?

You can help and we would appreciate your help to protect our environment. Please don't use more clean water than you need to. Turn off the lights and equiment when you leave your bungalows. Pull out plugs i.e. the coffee machine when you are not using it. Put the heating at 15 degrees celcius when you go to bed or leave the house. If your fridge is not complety full fill it up with bottles filled with water. 

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