Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen

Ouwehands Zoo is home to some special animal species, which are accommodated in spacious and natural enclosures. A day out at Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen is full of variety for example the unique Bear Forest project. New in this zoo is the panda stay (from the 12th of april 2017 the panda will arrive). This Zoo has also an indoor play facility for kids and is next to Burgers Zoo one of our favorite.

About 20 km

Burgers Zoo

Even on a rainy day it is a pleasure to visit Burgers Zoo as this Zoo has a lot of indoor facilities. Be a true Livingstone and walk trhough the jungle, walk trough a tunnel where you can see the living creatures in caves right into the dessert to end in the big ocean. This is one of our favorite. 

about 34 km

Dierenpark Amersfoort

Visit Zoo Amersfoort and enjoy a day filled with the most beautiful animals and adventures. During your visit you’ll experience many sensations. You will feel, hear and see things you couldn’t even imagine. 

About 20 km

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