Utrecht Ridge National Park

Scherpenzeel is a border village of the province Gelderland and Utrecht. The villages around Scherpenzeel are perdominatly province Utrecht and Scherpenzeel is like an peninsula in this province: as it is the only one who is province Gelderland. Together these villages are called the Gelderland valley. Strange people, the Dutch. The area is surrounded by the Utrecht Ridge (which was formed in the latest Ice age). The Utrecht Ridge is a national park. The nature here is diverse: from forrest, heather and natural dunes.

Pyramide of Austerlitz

On top of the Utrecht Ridge you can visit the Pyramide of Austerlitz. Austerlitz was a place in Szech republic where Napoleon won a battle. Napoleons army was stationed in this dutch area but they were bored. To keep them fit and active the general in command gave the order to built this monument. Noawadays you can enjoy the most magnificant view of the Utrecht Ridge and in the distance you can see the beautifuls towns of Amersfoort and the province capital Utrecht.

Hike trails

The Utrecht Ridge is full of hike trails. The only thing you have to do is follow the signs and eventually you return to your start point.

Amerongen Casstle 

This beautiful casstle is to be visited and with the latest technology the story of this historical place comes alive. The most famous inhabitant of this palace was Kaiser Wilhelm before he moved in to Huize Doorn.

House Doorn

Kaiser Wilhelm was a full cousin of our former queen Wilhelmina. After world war one he was not granted back to his country and he started living in exhile. You can visit his last place where everything is still the same.


In the middle of the Utrecht Ridge you can find the Henschoter lake. This lake has excellent quality of  swimwater and a beautiful sandy white beach. You will think you are in the carabien. 

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