NEW : National Militair Museum

Opening end of 2014 : this formal army airport now is the new National Militair Museum. The NMM represents the conviction that the role of the armed forces is essential to our society. The NMM wishes to share this conviction actively by establishing and demonstrating links between the armed forces and society. About 20 km.

Van Gogh - Kröller-Müller museum

Near Estate Ruwinkel you find the biggist collection of Van Gogh paintings next to the famous Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. You can find it at the Kröller-Müller museum at National Park de Hoge Veluwe.

The Open air museum

Discover a canal street of Amsterdam, See a real Dutch windmill: it's all possible at the Netherlands Open Air Museum (het openlucht museum). This national museum is focusing on the culture associated with the everyday lives of ordinary people. A must see! About 30 km.

Butter and Cheese museum de Weistaar

Close by Landgoed Ruwinkel there is a Butter and Cheese museum where you can learn how cheese is been made. Of course there is a shop where you can purchase real handmade Dutch cheese. A spectacular thing is to play “Farmers Golf”. This typical Dutch game is golf with wooden shoes and special play material. You can play this game in a indoors or outside! About 10 km


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