Things not to miss in Holland


There is a lot to see in the Netherlands but your visit would somehow not be complete if you haven't visited the capital city Amsterdam. Enjoy the beautiful canals, visit one of the world famous museums like the van Gogh museum or the reopened Rijksmuseum. From Veenendaal-De Klomp trainstation there is a direct train that takes you to the heart of the city within 40 minutes. Parking cars at Veenendaal-De Klomp is free. Or drive to one of the Park & Rides in Amsterdam: park your car and get a free public transport card.

The Efteling 

Step into a fairytale land: the Efteling. An unique park where Cinderella or Snowwhite comes alive. But also the older children will love the Efteling: especially for the thrills and rides like the Piranha water ride or the Python rollercoaster.

The Keukenhof

Open at the begin of spring: see the beautiful tulips for yourself. The first economic bubble was in the Netherlands in the 17th century: it was the tulip bubble. 

The Hague

The Dutch government is seated in the Hague. But this city has a lot more to offer: want to see the Netherlands in one day? Visit the miniture town of Madurodam. Here you can see all the highlights from the Netherlands. Maybe it's a nice sunny day: take a stroll at the boulevard of Scheveningen beach. 


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