More food!

Great way to start your day: our famous farmers breakfast!

More food!


between forres & farmersland 

Bread and Breakfast

Come join us for breakfast, coffee, lunch, brunch or a drink in our cozy Bread & Breakfast at Landgoedl!  

Farms are every where in the Gelderland Valley... To provide you with all these healthy ingredients we collect our ingredients at the source here in our region! The brea we serve is baked by Bakery Frentz from Scherpenzeel. The Bakery had it's 103 years anniversary in 2024 on this spot.

Our cheese is also real farm cheese! By the way, you can buy this farm cheese from us to take to your vacation home! So choose something delicious and taste the countryside!

Treat yourself and come visit us for a drink or a bite to eat!

Dutch Farmers Breakfast

Your day can't start any better than with our Dutch Farmers Breakfast! Come and enjoy various types of delicious bread, coffee or tea, a glass of juice, and sweet and savory toppings from the region. And of course, in this region, the free-range egg cannot be missed. Because this complete farm estate breakfast requires some preparation, we greatly appreciate it if you announce your visit one day in advance so that we can make sure everything is freshly prepared!

Farmhouse Toastie

A real classic, made with delicious floor sourdough bread from Bakker Jan, well-topped with tasty ham and real delicious farm cheese.

Farmhouse Toastie with Tomato 

The same classic as above, but enriched with a few slices of tomato.

Eggs sunny side up

Just as it should be, 2 delicious slices of floor sourdough bread (light or dark of your choice) topped with real delicious farm cheese and ham, and 3 beautifully fried eggs from our region chicken!

Healthy Sandwich

This one can't be missed, a roll of your choice (light or dark) topped with tasty farm cheese and ham from the region, and you'll also find cucumber and tomato here, and Aunt Hen's egg that roams around here can't be missing.

Lunch Special

Always delicious. Homemade tomato soup with a slice of dark or light floor sourdough bread with a fried Barneveld egg and a slice of delicious oven-croquette.

Soup with Bread

Homemade tomato soup with a tasty roll (dark or light) with herb butter.

Goat sandwich

Delicious goat cheese, cucumber, walnuts, and honey from the local Bijenhof, served on a delicious roll (light or dark).

Traditional Croquette Sandwich 

Two slices of floor sourdough bread (light or dark) with 2 delicious oven croquettes and tasty mustard-dill sauce!!

It is possible that our dishes contain allergens. We do not serve gluten-free bread, soup, and croquettes. Pancake house Hans & Grietje does serve gluten-free pancakes, we can inquire whether you can have these with us.


Great with coffee:

Homemade apple pie by Bakker Frentz, with whipped cream 

Questions? Or to order your breakfast? Contact us:

Tel. +31-(0)33-277 77 78 WhatsApp: +31 6 41 24 06 60 (save our number in your address book first, then you can WhatsApp us) E-mail:

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