More food!

Great way to start your day: our famous farmers breakfast!

More food!


between forres & farmersland 

Bread and Breakfast

Come join us for breakfast, coffee, lunch, brunch or a drink in our cozy Bread & Breakfast at Landgoedl!  

Farms are every where in the Gelderland Valley!  To provide you with all these healthy ingredients we collect our ingredients at the source here in our region! The brea we serve is baked by Bakker Jan van Engelenhoven from Scherpenzeel. The Bakkery had it's 95 years anniversary last year (2016)

A great way to start your day is here at our Bread & Breakfast for only  € 8.50 per person (children 4-12 yrs € 6.00 per child)  enjoy a varity of fresh beaked bread, coffee or tea, a glass of orange, and sweet and savory from the region. And the most famous product of this region the chicken egg can not be missed. If you make a reserveration in advance we can make sure you can dig in right away.

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