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Hiking in the Netherlands

Hiking, is there a more relaxing way to discover the area? The Gelderse Vallei is an ideal place for an active hiking holiday. Landgoed Ruwinkel in Scherpenzeel could became your home base while you enjoy the nature by feet. Being situated on the border of two provinces you might hike in the province of Gelderland one day and the other you can discover the eastern side of the province of Utrecht. At Landgoed Ruwinkel you will find holiday homes, country houses and chalets for your stay.

Klompenpaden (clog paths) are tours through the agricultural culture landscape. Wherever possible, they take a historic route over unpaved footpaths via farmland and country estates. Tranquillity, small scale and the combination of culture and nature determine the atmosphere and tell the locals and hikers the history of their surroundings. 

Below is a list of Klomp paths in the municipality of Scherpenzeel

The discription is in Dutch but the lovely thing is that the routes can be completed by only following the matching colour clogg signs! For instance the Breeschoterpad (straight from our resort) you follow the yellow cloggs and after 6,21 km you will be back at starting point. 

Hiking on the Utrecht Ridge 

Not far from our resort you will find National Park Utrecht Ridge. Visit this park and choose from over 56 hiking trails. Att the official site you will find more information The Utrecht Ridge 

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GPS kids' tours through Amerongen

This walk (around 5 km) is ideal for children up to around 12. It goes over hills and through woods and tells the history of Amerongen. The route takes around 2 hours and also passes a pancake restaurant. Visit the website for more information or call VVV Leersum-Amerongen on +31 343-45 47 77.

Kwintelooyen walk

Kwintelooyen is an old sand quarry and a recreation area on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Walk through this lovely area and pass historic buildings and three thousand-year-old burial mounds. This walk also takes you to the top of the Wielingsheuvel: one of the highest points on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Soesterduinen walk

This walk in the Lange Duinen starts at Foekenlaan in Soest and continues over the unique shifting sand dunes in the Soesterduinen. As a walker, learn more about the role of the dunes as a water catchment area.

City walk Amersfoort en Utrecht

The medieval city of Amersfoort is ideal for exploring by foot. On the site of the VVV Amersfoort you will find different routes. Is it your birthday? Then walk the birthday route . Unfortunately the site is in dutch but it makes it more adventorous. Don't forget to bring your ID card or passport. Upon the route you will find a variaty of shops and cafes you will get a nice birthday surprise.

It is also possible to walk trough the city with a trained city guide. You will find more information about this at the website of the Gilde from Amersfoort


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